Our Approach

At McInnes Cooper, we’re always searching for innovative ways to best serve our clients needs, and to fulfill our mission of making our clients lives better and their businesses more successful.

We believe in tailoring our approach to best match the objectives of our clients, and we recognize that the traditional approaches are not always the best fit. That is why, in addition to developing alternative pricing strategies, we have also developed innovative new ways of delivering client service.

One method is through legal project management. This approach is often used when we’re helping our clients with larger, more complex projects, but has a wide range of applications. We believe in working with our clients on the upfront development of a plan for each phase of a project or legal file, and monitoring of that plan throughout the life of that project. The legal project management work plan sets out the itemized individual tasks necessary to complete the work of the matter; the person assigned to each task; the time estimate; and the corresponding budget based on the time estimate and proposed resources.

This “bottom up estimation” approach employs internationally accepted project management practices and has been successfully employed on several recent large projects. Project time and budget estimates are monitored throughout the work of the matter and regular check points in the matter timeline are scheduled with the client to review work to date and budget scope.

For larger, more involved projects with multiple phases, we initiate each phase of a Project with kick off meetings, designed to ensure key stakeholders are identified and informed, ensure scope and objectives are well defined and review details of the Project plan for that phase. Interim communication occurs throughout a project’s duration, as desired by our client. Finally, we feel it is important to close each phase of the Project in a formal fashion, to present our findings and seek feedback.